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Consumer or Home Segment

This is loaded with Home Version of Windows OS and has fewer tests done during production, these models are short-duration models and warranty is for 1 year only and cheaper and widely sold in all E-commerce sites.

Commercial or Business Segment

This is loaded with Professional Version of Windows OS, and rigorous tests are made to suit various industry vertical needs, these model are mostly with 3 year warranty.

Lenovo & HP

We offer a wide range of Servers from Lenovo & HP, our specialisation is finding the right server for your business needs without overspending.

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Lenovo HP Dell Acer


Ventures Solutions suggests Business Laptops for SMB users as these are rugged and can handle a higher load.
Contact us to suggest a right model for your needs.
TS Plus
Home Automation
Lutron Control 4
Sunrise Home Solutions

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