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IT Consultancy in Bangalore

  • Design of IT Infrastructure
  • Technology Roadmap

You will have business goal for achieve X growth and also you will have your processes and system
ready along Cash flow and projections.

What about Technology? Often left out of the business plan. Technology will play
A important part in your growth and it requires to be included in planning, to scale up as you grow.


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Onkar Gaurav

“Onkar wanted to move to a Company-owned office, with over 25 users and 15 support staff, Ventures Solutions designed and deployed their IT infrastructure for our new facility Servers, IT Security, Wired and WiFi network was ready for operations within tight timelines.I would recommend Ventures Solutions to any business looking for IT consultancy”

Onkar, CEO

Office Relocation

You would have a found new great office place, planned for the interiors, furniture, branding etc

IWhat about IT?

Moving IT needs carefully planned project by technology experts

Any oversight could be mean the you don’t have Internet or Printer connected when your team start working in the new office

Ventures Solutions can plan – Implement the IT infrastructure relocation and ensure everything is in place when the team arrives at the new office


Design of IT Infrastructure

With experience in working SMB for around 30 years, our designs of your IT infrastructure will be scalable , secure, and with Business continuity in mind in case of any Pandemic or any disaster.

Technology Roadmap

IT road map is IT consultancy service, we provide a High Level overview of what your IT Infrastructure looks today and what need to be done in phases.

What are the challenges your team is facing? Are tasks taking more time than required in the current technology?

Can the cost be reduced by using new technologies?

Security – Cybersecurity is important in today’s connected world – Are you secure

We’ll help plan your IT budgets so you are prepared for the phased implementation and not having surprises for new Hardware / Software purchases.


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